seenain fit

Custom Packaging

Seenain Fit offers polybags in multiple weights, offers twill bags, cloth bags, bio-degradable bags as well as paper bags to customers that are looking for the best presentation. You can also print your own custom designs onto those packaging options to show how unique and prestigious your brand is.

Custom Polybag Packing

We do simple polybag packing as a value addition for free, you can request them to be packed per piece or packed in dozens or whatever quantity you like. We like to give you something that is presentable to your clothing brand customer directly. If you wish to go the extra mile and want to increase the quality of plastic or make it translucent, you have the option to do that as well as print your logo on any type of polybag. Seenain Fit has provided many packaging solutions to its customers over the years that have resulted in better sales for clothing brands.

Heading remaining

Seenain Fit offers tote bags to its customers to make the packaging more unique. These tote bags can be made custom in any shape or style and will be tailor-made based on the type of product you are looking to put them in.