seenain fit

The Finest Embroidery Manufacturers at Your Service!

Seenain Fit offers you a terrific embroidery manufacturer’s service. You can request our factory for embroidery decoration for a massive range of apparel goods, including but not limited to shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, shorts, jeans, and much more.

Embroidery Patches

Custom-made embroidery patches are quick and easy to stitch with a good result, not directly on the fabric. Embroidered patches come in many different forms. Some of them are adhesive, and some of them are stitched, but they both pose the same purpose: to avoid the inside feel of embroidered when worn. Some people prefer the embroidery on patches to be applied to the customized garment for raising embroidery density.

At Seenain Fit, we can make these patches in special design cuts and can apply them to your garment in any way.

Regular Embroidery

Regular embroidery is the best method to put designs on products, especially for corporate logos. Seenain Fit turned the notch up a little when it started offering embroidery as well as screen printing or sublimation on one garment. It has allowed customers to come up with unique ideas to impose on their garments. If you look at a certain logo and want it to be embroidered and screen-printed simultaneously, you do not need to look any further than Seenain Fit. Send us your designs, and we will assist you with the best option based on the fabric you choose for your garment.

Raised Or 3D Embroidery

This process involves giving the design a puff-like feel while still staying in the category of the thread. 3D embroidery is one of the best options for hoodies, sweatshirts, or products made with fabrics like fleece, French terry, or any heavy fabric—the heavy fabric results in the design not being too prominent if regular embroidery is done on it. Therefore, 3D embroidery completes the process of prominence for these types of fabrics.